“Portable Antiquities Scheme” (PAS) Meeting


On February 17th, 2014, I represented the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights at a meeting in Chicago, hosted by Minelab, and featuring Mr. Norman Palmer, one of the authors of the English “Portable Antiquities Scheme” (PAS) law.  Invitees to this meeting included US metal detecting manufacturers, distributors, an archaeologist, and others interested in working together to promote a system similar to the PAS here in the United States.

Follow this link to the Task Forces website for more information on the meeting.

4 thoughts on ““Portable Antiquities Scheme” (PAS) Meeting

  1. Marvellous news! I wish that it progresses well, however, now that the blue touch-paper has be lit prepare for some caustic comments from eastern Europe!! You-know-who will be apoplectic at the prospect.

    Best regards to all.

    John Howland

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