The ABC’s of Metal Detecting

I was wondering which article to post, as I promised to delve into the archives to bring you a little bit of metal detecting humor.  Then I saw this pic posted on Facebook, and it reminded me of a humorous little article where I briefly mentioned having to choose between a guy or metal detecting. …
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Catch a Falling Star with Your Metal Detector

Guest post by Gene Knight of Kellyco Metal Detectors When we think about metal detecting treasure, it is often old coins and metal relics that come to mind first.  Those finds are always exciting, but imagine coming across something that is rarer and more valuable, and that, quite possibly, no human hands have ever touched.  …
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Are you a Detecting Widow? Tips for Living in Harmony with a Detectorist

Humor and metal detecting don’t seem to get together very often. Colonial shoe buckles, flat buttons and old coins just aren’t very funny. It’s kind of like trying to find the humor in cross country skiing–you know its there… somewhere, but you’ve really got to search for it.