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  1. i am in the process of buying some property that was part of the battlefield in corinth miss, it all looks good, once this happens id like to do a shoot there , i plan on skinning several inches of topsoil off , grid with strings and do a systematic recovery the area is aprox 20,000 sq ft., corinth saw alot of action and is 20 min from the shiloh battlefield , if doing a vid shoot here would interest you please dont hesitate to contact me. yours in beepn, michael

    1. Good luck with the purchase, and good hunting. I am in Southwest Ohio and would love being able to be a part of something like that. Don

  2. Great website and what a wonderful collection of finds.
    I live I the UK and have been detecting since 1976 and have found some great stuff but never a “Victorian Irish Irish coin” What a lovely find and in such good condition, “Congratulations”

    1. Thanks David. I believe that coin was from “Coin Beach” in Delaware. Couple of shipwrecks in that area. Wish I had found one of the gold coins I heard had washed up there years ago. Someday my dream of hunting in the UK will come true. You’ve got some awesome sites over there.

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