Tales of the Hunt: Bits and Pieces (guest post by Bill Cameron)

Another great guest post by Bill Cameron.  Bill is a bottle digger and collector, and a fellow member of the Nor’easters Metal Detecting Club out of Stamford, CT.  He is also a very talented writer, and contributes his stories to the club Newsletter and my blog.  Thank you Bill!

What is it With Detecting and Camouflage?

For those of you who aren’t subscribers to The Searcher magazine, first of all, why not?  It’s a great read.  Some folks in the US may think oh it’s a UK magazine, and yes it’s published in the UK, but the articles and reviews are universal and of interest to detectorists everywhere. Second, the humorous cover …
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It’s a “Barford-Bashing-Palooza”

I was reading Dick Stouts post about Dig Fella’s  and decided to give my own blog stats a look. I noticed that although my posts about “Warsaw Wally’s” rantings & rage are not number one on my list of most viewed posts, when he mentions me on his blog it draws quite a bit of traffic …
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