Those Darn Oxen Shoes

Why is it, after all the time I’ve spent hunting and learning my machine, those darn oxen shoes continue to fool me? I get a fantastic signal, my mind thinks “oxen shoe”, my machine reads “oxen shoe”, but can I ignore it?  Nooooo!   I dig, and dig, with the anticipation of a fantastic find spurring …
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Book Review “In Search of Treasure” by Dick Stout

I received my copy of “In Search of Treasure”, by Dick Stout and spent an entire evening engrossed in its pages as if it were the treasure hunters version of “Fifty shades of Grey”. Okay, so the comparison is a little bit off, but seriously its a good book, so I’ll just be getting on to the review…..

Dick Stout’s New Book “In Search of Treasure”

Check out Dick Stout’s new book In Search of Treasure Dicks been detecting for a long time, and his books always have great tips and advice. Besides that, if he didn’t write books, I would have no one to blame for my past and future detector purchases. Why it’s Dick Stouts fault

Safety when Metal Detecting-Another Great Product to Try

Being female, I’m always looking for new ideas to add to my safety in the field. I’ve been warned by well-meaning friends and family about my frequent solo excursions into parks and wooded areas.  It’s nice to know people care about me, but they should also realize I pay very close attention to, and take …
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