The Rebel Yell

This story and recording has been around for a while.  If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out, and if you have, its worth another listen.

civil_war_soldiers-union_confederate“You’ve probably heard the of the mythic Rebel Yell. It was real, and it was said to send shakes through the body of the Union soldiers as they faced the onslaught of charging rebels. Many don’t know exactly how it sounded, but thanks to a disc jockey from 1935 and modern technology, we now can play the rebel yell and experience what the Union soldiers heard.

During a Confederate reunion in 1935, several of the old veterans from the war whooped up the yell. One radio announcer then asked an old confederate to do it again for a recording. He did. Today, that same recording has been updated for clarity, and the yell has been duplicated for multiple whoops, so it would sound like a whole charge.

At first, it might not sound like much. But when it is done collectively, just close your eyes and imagine being a Union soldier facing this. It does get to you. Imagine being on the front line early in the morning, still dark out, then hearing this…

In one Union diary, the soldier said they heard it far off with no one visible, and they smiled, saying it sounded like school children being let out. Then the wave came at them, the yell grew louder, and the Union took to its heels.”

You can check out the audio clip here:

2 thoughts on “The Rebel Yell

  1. That was spooky just listening to those men who fought in that Civil War. Rebel Yell is also one of my favourite Kentucky Bourbons, though very hard to get here in the UK.

    Happy New Year Allyson.

    1. I definitely would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of the Rebel Yell. I haven’t heard of this bourbon, but I’ll keep my eye out for it. Happy New Year!

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