Sites that Make you go “Ewww”

Disclosure: I have to start out with this, because whenever I write something negative or controversial, I get the “My feelings are hurt” emails and texts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this article should not reflect on the hunt itself. The organizers did a fantastic job. Getting sites to hunt these days is not an easy task, and I do appreciate the efforts. This is my personal feeling about a hunt site, it doesn’t mean it was a bad site. There were many who enjoyed it and found good stuff. Would I go to one of their hunts again…absolutely. It just was what it was that day. In other words, “It’s not you, it’s me”.

So get off my back. I write what I feel and experience, and not every Hunt is “the best hunt ever”.  And if I wrote that every hunt I attended was “the best hunt ever”, well, you wouldn’t want to read that crap.


Did you ever go to a group hunt, and you just weren’t feeling it? You get all excited, count down the days, pack your gear, make sure you get an early start, and then when you show up and see the site, suddenly you’re like “Meh”.

This has happened to me a few times, and surfaced again at the most recent hunt I attended. I was early, I was in a good mood, all my friends started showing up, and then I paused to survey the field, and my internal reaction was “Ewwww”. There was just something about it. I walked across the street to look at the other field, and it didn’t make me feel any better.

That was the moment I decided this was going to be a social event.

Stef, I love your hair!

The hunt started quickly, with the hosts giving us the boundaries and history of the area before letting us loose. Most folks were excited and made haste to the field. I took my pessimistic time, talked to people, got my gear together, leaned it against a tree, talked some more, thought about going home, spoke to a few more people, etc… Then a voice yelled from the field “Hey Allyson, thats a motion activated machine”, it was CT Todd, and I had a good laugh over it, but I was having a nice chat with Stef Tanguay, I didn’t want to hunt yet. Alas, I finally did give in and gear up to join the others, but I was reluctant, and it was only because of peer pressure.

What CT Todd and others were doing while I was busy chatting

I tried my best, but I didn’t like anything about the field. The grass felt icky and dry, the ground was dry, there were lots of bees, they were predicting temps near 100 degrees, and I wasn’t finding squat except can slaw. A friend, Russ Bergensen, came over and offered me the ox knob he had just found. Normally I wouldn’t take someone else’s find, but I think ox knobs are kind of cool, so I took it and thanked him. CT Todd found 2 Indian Head pennies, and directed me to the area thinking there might be more. Again, I normally wouldn’t accept a bottom feed from someone, but on that day, for some reason, it just seemed okay. I didn’t find any Indians, but I really wasn’t trying too hard either.

I tried the field across the street. The ground wasn’t as dry, but it was a steep slope that I predicted would be a struggle to walk back up, so I dug a few signals (can slaw), then went back to the other field.

Fugio found by Kendall Edkins

I learned that we could hunt the wooded area, so I made my way over there thinking it would be great to hunt in the shade. The woods were “Ewwww”. A rough dirt road with large rocks and recently downed trees made walking difficult. I heard someone found a Fugio on the road, and I was thinking “How?” Then someone said the woods had once been farmland, so I ducked off the road into the woods. It was a horror show of downed trees, branches and spider webs. I fought my way out and back onto the field, and that was where I stayed, not hunting, but chatting.  Yes, I talk a lot.

My best find of the day- this cool moth in the woods

I had 2 cellar holes in the area lined up to hunt as back up sites because it was more than an hours drive, so I was glad for that. I had hunted them before, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t more left to be found. I asked Dave Wise and Jesse Campbell if they wanted to go. Turns out they had also previously been to one of the cellars, but we decided to go anyway. Finally, I felt like the day might turn out okay.

Dave’s whizzer

The site was hit pretty hard, but I managed to pull out an ox knob, and a few baby buttons. Jesse had to leave, and Dave suggested another spot nearby so we went there. It was also a site that was hit pretty hard, and all I found for a few hours time was a spoon, but Dave found what we thought was a large flat button, or maybe a copper. It was thin, and dirty of course, so it was hard to tell. Later on I learned that it turned out to be a whizzer made out of a copper (possibly a KG). Pretty cool, and congratulations to Dave, that was a hard hit site.

So a site that made me go “Ewww”, also made me want to hunt someplace else, and it was a good thing I felt that way, or we wouldn’t have left and dug the few goodies that we did.

Everything happens for a reason. Happy Hunting!

12 thoughts on “Sites that Make you go “Ewww”

  1. Yup, happens to me all the time. I’ll read about a public land trust that was once a farm and get all excited. When I get there, the grass is too deep and half the land is overgrown and not maintained. I could just leave, but noooo. I have to spend a few hours fighting it and end up coming home with jack squat!

    Then there’s the spots that look fantastic, but give me nothing but trash and ticks. Those are even more annoying because my hopes are so high at the start of the hunt. Cellar holes and stone walls get the heart racing, but there are no guarantees in this hobby. I’ve struck out at many cellar holes and detected miles of stone walls to end up finding absolutely nothing. Discouraging, but you have to pay your dues in this hobby. HH.

    1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in all this Tim. Looks can be deceiving, but I guess we all have our preferences for where we like to hunt. This past weekend I hiked a mile and a half in the woods to locate some cellars. I was greeted with so many briars and downed trees, that I couldn’t get near them. I didn’t stay long. Luckily though, that doesn’t happen very often. I’ve paid my dues over and over again. I think we all have. Just part of the hobby—but the part not too many folks like to talk about. Happy Hunting!

  2. Great article. I enjoyed it as usual. Can totally relate…even with the ox knows. LOL! Dave is a Detectorist Ninja – not sure how he pulls something out of nothing, but I’ve seen him do it twice. Looking forward to your next blog, Diva. 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura. Yes, Dave was determined. I’m glad he found the whizzer, because I’ve seen him after a skunking. Maybe I’ve lost my edge because getting skunked doesn’t bother me so much anymore. I should probably brush up on my determination skills. And ox knobs are pretty cool—almost as cool as oxen shoes.

    1. Thanks John. It is true though, not every Hunt is the best hunt ever. I’m just throwing out there what a lot of people think, but won’t say. You’d be amazed at all the private messages and emails I get after being real in a post. No one wants to agree publicly, but they do agree in private. It’s all good though, at least I know I’m not alone in my thoughts. Happy Hunting!

      1. I get that feeling at the last couple bones. I’m not into that hunting format. Rat race to the targets.

        I do enjoy the fellowshippin and I think that’s what gets me excited about the hunt even though I’ve sworn not to return the next year.

        Will just have to see where I’m at towards the end of winter.

        1. Maybe it’s that middle age thing creeping up on us, or the “been there, dug that” mindset. I wish I could get as excited about it as I was in the beginning. It’s all about the friendships and good times lately. The last time I was truly excited and into it was the silver field on the way home from the Catskills. So, it could also be that the sites are getting played out, and that excitement factor from finding good stuff is dwindling along with them. I don’t know. My feelings seem to vacillate lately. You gotta go to the BONE though, it won’t be the same without you.

      2. I see your would-be ‘Beau’ has featured you on his blog in his usual chivalrous manner.

        Best of all though he’s written a comment about NOT kissing Bristish archaeologists ‘cos he reckons they are full of BS, alongside a photo of a pile of the stuff. Forgetting of course that in his ‘About Me’ intro….he describes himself as a ….”British archaeologist living and working in Warsaw, Poland.” Hahahaha!

        No wonder he’s such a comic figure! No wonder he makes good sport!

        Happy diggin’

  3. Well, I’ve been metal detecting for a bit more than 56-years now, and the same thing happens to me at certain hunts and certain sites. I think it’s an American Indian thing…a friend tells me American Indians can tell if a certain piece of land is “healthy” or not…maybe you have a some American Indian in your genes. Anyway, good post!

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