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I checked out the new metal detecting show “Dig Wars” which premiered on the Travel channel, Wednesday, June 12th.  It was refreshing to see a more realistic view of what we do.  Below is my review, which responds to and coincides with Dick Stout’s review.

Detecting Diva’s Review:

I thought the show was closer to the reality of metal detecting than other shows I have seen. I expected a lot of suspenseful digging and the dramatic reveal of obviously planted & glorified discoveries, and was relieved to see some mediocre finds.

I was pleased, of course, that they had a woman on the show. At least I had someone to side with and root for—now if they would have an episode where she has a bathroom dilemma, the reality part of the show would be complete.

I realize its entertainment, however, the enthusiasm over some of their finds bordered on obnoxious, and the bomb issue…um…FAIL!

I also noticed the lack of audio syncing, and thought if they are going to do the audio that way, maybe the guy hunting should take of his headphones. Just sayin’.

Was it a dollar or a half dollar?

When they went to have their finds evaluated, I was like, Oh God, here we go–they are going to say that stirrup is worth like $3500. How awesome was it to see some realistic values placed on items? Unlike some other shows where I was thinking, geez if that guy got 5k for that rusty relic, then I better take inventory because my box of junk is sure to make me a millionaire…Not.

I thought Chicago Ron did a great job, and was actually the most believable and natural acting in the group. I don’t know what the criteria was for choosing the detectorists, but there are a lot of well know detectorists out there, and the others on the show, I have never heard of.

I will definitely be watching Dig Wars on a regular basis.

Click here to check out Dick Stout’s review and comments.

11 thoughts on “My Review of “Dig Wars”

  1. Have to wonder if there were any of the participants present when they were doing the editing of the final product? Rather doubt it. Great review Diva!

  2. Right back at you Dick.
    I can’t imagine they were present for editing. I don’t think us detectorists, are nit-picking, we just noticed the obvious.

  3. Though we don’t recieve the programme here in the UK, what I think for what it’s worth, is that the programme features a lady. This is great fo the hobby as a whole since it puts out a powerfull message to other as yet, non-committed ladies, whether to partake in a hobby where they will be on an equal footing with the men. Let’s hope it’s a case of ‘The Family That Hunts together, Stays Together.’

    1. Too bad you don’t get the show in the UK, it was actually worth watching–maybe Dick can record it for you for….like…um…$20? I think its great more women are getting into the hobby, and I agree with you that it sends a powerful message. Would be great to see some families hunting together also.

  4. That 20 Bucks will haunt Ricardo for years to come!!! What’s great about this hobby is that some hobbyists, not just the ladies, not only find artefacts in certain areas, but make an informed decisions as to what those finds mean or point to.
    THAT prospect, TERRIFIES archaeologists! I mean, you can’t have the butcher, the baker and candlestick maker making serious heritage conclusions!!!!!! It’s this prospect that’s at the root of all the problems ranged against us….we are stealing certain thunders.

    Good luck

    1. On that note John, if I find an old flat button, which I’m technically going to consider an artifact; I think I will randomly decide it points to…say…some ancient article of clothing. By the position of the button, and the proximity to the rock wall, I would have to conclude that Mrs. Colonial Woman was either not a good seamstress, or Mr. Colonial Man ate one too many Turkey legs at the Thanksgiving feast. I hope my hypothesis doesn’t terrify the archaeologists to nightmares about my conclusions, no matter how awesome and spot on as they may be. But then again, I’m just a detectorist, what the hell do I know. Cheerio!

  5. Haven’t had a chance to watch this show. I did watch a couple of episodes of “Digger” on Nat. Geo channel. Great show ! Nothing like that Savage series.

    1. Hey Mike, its on the Travel Channel, Wednesday nights at 10pm. Yeah, that Savage series was kind of an embarrassment to the hobby. This one looks like it may be a keeper though. Probably won’t make the meeting tomorrow, have to work late, but I’ll be there in spirit–Happy Hunting!

  6. i think the show only hurts the hobby. it’s got a man who has found a millon dollers in relics and dont know what a keeper ( belt attachment) is. with the belt plate it apraises at 700$ at most it would only go far about 250 to 300$ , a louisiana button at 700$ ,250 to 350 at most. and then there is an 1806 silver doller! wow it apraises at 2000+ from a dealer? there is no such coin made in u.s. at that time. i did go back and look to make sure it wasn’t a half dol. so in my thinking the show is B.S. and it will make getting premission to hunt a lot harder.

    1. As far as hurting the hobby of metal detecting, I disagree. Some other detecting shows I have seen really make us out to be a bunch of Yahoos, but this one at least came somewhat close to what it is we actually do.
      I agree with you that some of the appraisals seemed a little high, but of course they want to over inflate the value on a television show. As for the 1806 Coin–You are correct that there was no dollar coin made in 1806, but there were many counterfeits–a possibility?? But I think it was actually an 1806 half dollar they found. If you noticed in the show, one time they call it a dollar, another time they call it a half. I haven’t watched it again, but I am thinking of re-watching it just to get another look at that coin. Thanks so much for taking the time to give your observations and opinions, let me know what you think of the other episodes, and Happy Hunting!

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