Metal Detecting Tips from a Five Year Old: Episode 2

Here’s another detecting tip from from the mouth and mind of a five year old, my granddaughter Jordan, a.k.a. “Marshmello-J”.

Her detector (a Minelab, of course), is still a bit big for her to handle—she’s tiny for her age, but her personality is big. When she gets put on the spot she often says “I don’t remember”, but a slight coaxing by Oma (me), and she’ll usually come right out with it.

She hopes you enjoy her videos, and has decided Oma should post one every week or so.  They are short & sweet like she is—Enjoy the cuteness, and Happy Hunting!

2 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Tips from a Five Year Old: Episode 2

    1. Funny you should say that Dick, as I’ve been banned from “back to school” shopping alone with her. The reason: “because she’ll come home with clothes that are all pink & green camo”. Sad but true

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