“Detectorista” in the Oxford dictionary?

Will “Detectorista” end up in the Oxford dictionary? If John Winter has his way it will–and why not? I think “Detectorista” is a pretty cool word, even if I did coin it myself.

The next challenge should be to get spell check to recognize the word Detectorist, and OMG how annoying is it when people say “He (or she) is a Metal Detector”, instead of a Metal Detectorist? Hello people–I am not the machine, I am the user of the machine!!! 
Anyway… Click on the link below to go to John Winters blog and read his article Coining a New Metal Detecting Word. 

8 thoughts on ““Detectorista” in the Oxford dictionary?

  1. I think you should be proud… Detectorista says it all. I am not sure which word describes me anymore…have had a lot of different ones thrown at me of late, none of which can be shared here or in mixed company.

    Happy New Year Allyson….

  2. I have to agree that “detectorist” should have been recognised by Oxford as a true word long ago but, in this day of equality separating the male from the female tense will be very difficult.
    When I was a boy our mail was delivered by the Postman and the weekly rubbish was removed by the Dustman, both of these words are now not to be used, instead we have a Postal worker and a Refuse collector.
    I much prefer the original titles as it were they that I grew up with but, the modern woman would probably have me hung, drawn and sued in a court of law for using them today.
    I do love the word “Detectorista” but fear it may now (due to the sexist term of it) never be recognised.
    Equality brings both good and bad and I guess we have to live with the results.
    I recall there being a lot of burnt bras during the late seventies by women pushing for the right to be equal to men, now don’t get me wrong but to remove one’s bra and leave yourself looking very , ahem, ‘pointy’ for want of a better word, did nothing to make women equal to men, in fact it was quite the opposite…..
    In my opinion women should burn their bras at the start of every summer to hammer home the fact that they are equal to men ………
    …or maybe not ???

    1. I celebrate old fashioned values, and have never burned a bra. Whats wrong with a woman being recognized as a woman and a man being recognized as a man? It’s always been my observation that women and men are physically different for a reason, and without these differences, there wouldn’t be any more boys and girls to argue about it.
      Mentally, each sex has its own area it excels in, and oh well, I’m rambling, but you have some great “points” there JW.

      1. I could not agree more Allyson, but the general consensus amongst English Women is one of equality and equal opportunity so gender must be pushed aside to make way for gender equilibrium.
        My wife works as a Theatre team lead , which in the good old days would have been ” Theatre Sister “, her job is very intense as you would expect of a life and death situation career she has to be tough but, at home she is a very feminine, old fashioned women and expects me to treat her accordingly, which I do, she is my Katie Kitten, the woman I love and adore and my best friend.

        1. Well, I may be rough and tumble sometimes in the field, but at the end of the day, some make-up, a pretty dress and high heels are still a necessity. Having great baking skils comes in handy too.
          A man will do well to treat me as a lady too, if he expects harmony, as I still view men as men, and not so much as equal, just different. After all, our strengths and weaknesses reside in completely different areas.
          Now if I ever get to the point where I actually understand a man….then equal may replace different.
          Your wife is a lucky woman.
          Happy New Year!

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