Detecting Diva in the Searcher Magazine

125x125-the_searcherLast month I told you about Detecting Diva being in June issue of The Searcher Magazine.  It is now official that I may post the article wherever my heart desires, and of course I chose my own site.

Thanks to our American ancestors who destroyed the Kings English a few centuries back, it might be a little odd to read as it was edited for a UK audience, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.  

Those of you who don’t subscribe to The Searcher can read the article here . And if you don’t subscribe, why not? It’s one of the few good metal detecting magazines out there.  It’s published in the UK, but that doesn’t matter because Metal Detecting is a worldwide hobby.


8 thoughts on “Detecting Diva in the Searcher Magazine

  1. It was a great article Allyson, but then I’m biased. Apologies for the rather ‘odd’ English and your acceptance of the changes.

    I remind you that a digital version of the magazine is available and it’s much cheaper than the hard copy (which has just gone up in price).

    Your second article will probably appear in the September edition, due out in early August. Thank you for your contributions.

    1. No need to apologize John. On this side of the pond, I think most of us secretly wish we could pronounce the language with the same flair.

      I once helped a schoolgirl in Germany complete her English homework. The next day, her mother was very upset because the teacher failed her daughter’s paper, and she had to go to the school and explain that an American girl had tutored her daughter–boy did I feel stupid as the mother related how the teacher told her American English was NOT the Kings English, basically not worthy of learning, and that I spoke and wrote wrong. Luckily, they didn’t hold it against me, but going forward my tutoring was limited to vocabulary only.

      A note to readers: The digital version can be downloaded from the Pocket Mags App–good to know if you suffer from the same iphone separation anxiety as I do.

    1. Thanks Dick–that means a lot coming from you, and I say that with no sarcasm intended. If I can entertain someone for a few minutes or give them a chuckle, then my day is made.

  2. Just getting around to your blog after reading about you on Dick Stout’s site. I think I am going to enjoy your posts. Will recommend you to other of my female detecting friends.

  3. Great read!

    In our club, Wheat State Treasure Hunters, we actually have a number of ladies, some who are as active in the hobby as any of us guys and some who are just now starting.

    Now, I may be accused of not being manly but I do worry about bathrooms and dirty nails as well. I have an office job and I have to meet clients. Not to mention the fact that my detecting time is mostly my lunch hour so I have to worry about sweating as well AND my muddy pants where the pinpointer touches my leg LOL!
    As for the ‘when-are-you-coming-home’ phone calls, well, just ask my friend Steve Ukena, boy! do we know that tune!
    Last, I also named my detector. His name is Maurice. He’s French (XP Deus). He he he…

    Thank you for sharing and keep those articles coming!

    1. I don’t know how you manage to detect on your lunch hour and stay clean.
      One phenomenon I have noticed about women in the hobby is how dirty we get. I will hunt with a bunch of guys, and when we are done, my clothing is filthy, my face has streaks of dirt all over it, my hair has headphone head along with some leaves stuck in there, and the men come out of the woods with barely a smudge on them.
      Tell Maurice that my “best friend” says hello.
      Happy Hunting!

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