What is a Detecting Diva?

MeA Detecting Diva is a woman who is passionate about her hobby and can detect with the guys without losing herself, or her femininity in the process. She can crash through the briars in her Camo at 8am, and be dressed to impress at 8pm. She knows what grapeshot is, and she doesn’t care if her nails get a little dirty, or if tracked in site mud is her number one cleaning challenge. She knows what CTX3030, SE, Etrac, Bliss, and XP Deus refer to, and that sensitivity doesn’t always mean someone’s feelings have been hurt.

16 thoughts on “What is a Detecting Diva?

  1. Enjoyed lookign around the site! Nice to see a lady who isn’t afraid to dig in the dirt! Gotta admit, you make camo look so much better than these guys do! lol

    See ya around DD!

  2. Hey Ozarks-
    Thanks for taking the time to look around — not afraid to dig in the dirt, but you haven’t seen me try to put a worm on a hook yet (I can’t be brave about everything 😉
    As for the camo, if they could only make a nice fitting pair in shades of pink and green, my life would be complete.
    Happy Hunting! ~DD

  3. Un 10 a la diva, me alegra saber que hay divas en este hobby, tan apasionante. Un saludos desde España.

    1. Yes, I do like to think of myself as extraordinary 🙂
      And metal detecting is just so awesome–I wish more women would discover it.

  4. That’s a great definition! I’m new with this hobby.. And I was on the Nor’easters trip last week (july 2016) too… You see, I went along on the trip with my husband and daughter, to “help” my daughter, and to basically just be part of their weekend adventure. And I came away from it with my own detector and a new hobby! Lol! We won the Garrett metal detector in the raffle on the trip…And since they each have one already, they gave it to me. So I was sort of sucked into this hobby…Lol.. And let me tell you, I don’t mind at all, in fact, I’ve found it’s actually a lot of fun. I’ve always loved history and I love spending time with the hubby and the kid, so why not! 🙂 Now, hubby showed me your blog! I will be following now… Thanks for giving the Detectoristas out there a voice! 🙂

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for checking out my blog. I remember you. Was your daughter the girl with the long dark hair?
      So glad you like detecting, it’s such a great hobby, and it’s something you can do either alone or with others. It’s so cool that you all like it, and can do it as a family.
      I look forward to seeing you around–Happy Hunting!

    1. Hi John-
      Not as often as I used to. Since I moved its an extra hour to my favorite beaches, but yes, I do hunt the beach when I have the opportunity.
      New Hampshire was great-we all hunted until it got dark. I got home from there around 11pm last night. Feeling a little tired now…

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