A Detectorist’s Dilemma

The patio

If you don’t subscribe to American Digger Magazine, then you missed the article I wrote titled “A Detectorist’s Dilemma” which was published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue.

So now that my ethical obligations to the magazine have been met, and the issue has run its course–well mostly, because we all know that American Digger NEVER get’s thrown away, feel free to click on the link below to read the online version.  Oh, and because everyone asks me the same question, yes, that really was my patio full of finds in the photo. Click here to read “A Detectorist’s Dilemma”  . 

If you would like to subscribe to American Digger, go to http://www.americandigger.com 

Happy Hunting!



8 thoughts on “A Detectorist’s Dilemma

  1. Ha! Loved this story – so true! It’s always fun to relate to a story and hear one’s own thoughts written perfectly by another. Thanks Allyson!

    1. So I guess I’m not alone in this?? The stuff (treasure) does have a way of piling up. I got rid of a ton when I moved, but its still taking over. And if I wasn’t finding all this stuff, I’d be upset…sigh

  2. I can attest to the fact that picture was taken on her back patio. There were buttons, clad and lots of iron in the pile. Lol

    1. I would like to think so. Unfortunately he can’t join me anymore, but it was a great getting into the hobby with him, and having that father/daughter interest to share together.

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