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26th Annual Best O’ Northeast (BONE) Hunt

The Best O’ Northeast (BONE) hunt was held the last week of April in New Hampshire. This hunt is a highly anticipated event, with people coming from all over the US to attend. This year, KG & Ringy, and Aquachigger joined in on the fun.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, as American Digger will be publishing my article about it soon, but lets just say the hunt and the finds were epic.

Nor’easters Metal Detecting Club’s 6th Annual Great Catskill Mountain Coinshoot and Relic Hunt

The Nor’easter’s Metal Detecting Club out of Stamford, CT held their annual Catskill Mountain hunt June 1st & 2nd, 2019, in Margaretville, NY. It was a weekend full of some fantastic finds, and the hunt was organized in collaboration with the Middletown Historical Society. The Society is raising funds for a new building, and together with local residents, they managed to get 15 great properties for members of the Nor’easters, which is a fairly large club, to hunt for those two days.

The Catskill hunt is always a fun time, and not just because of metal detecting, its also because of the people, and there are so many different sites to hunt that if you don’t like or don’t seem to be finding anything at a particular site, there are a bunch more to go try your luck at.

The hunt also raised $5000 for the historical society-woo hoo! It was a great feeling to be in attendance for the donation, and I was proud to have been a part giving back to such a gracious and accommodating community.

Thank you to the Nor’easters, the Historical Society, and especially the people who live in the area who gave permission for us to detect their property—we appreciate it! http://www.noreasters.net

Blackthorne Resort’s Annual Lost Treasure Weekend

Blackthorne Resort, also in the Catskills, held their annual Lost Treasure Weekend June 14th-16th, 2019, in East Durham, NY.  This is also a fun event. In the beginning, I wasn’t too keen on it because I’m not a fan of seeded hunts and winning yet more “silver dimes”, but it has really grown on me, and has now become one of my favorite hunts.

It’s really the people that make it so much fun. Of course, there’s metal detecting, and a lot of good food too, big bonus. Its all pretty reasonably priced. You get lodging, food, hunts and prizes for 2 or 3 days (whichever is your choice) for between $300 to $400, depending on room class (and I say “room class” lightly), based on 1 or 2 person occupancy. They also allow dogs for $5 per day, and if you travel with a dog, you’ll really appreciate that.

Look for my article on the Blackthorne, coming soon.




Every one has been getting on my case about the hunts & events section of the website not being updated.  I tried, I really did.  I typed all that information in there, and pressed save, and got the Word Press spinning wheel of death.  It did not save.  I tried over and over, and nothing.  So I thought I would outsmart it; I deleted the hunts and events page, created a new page for hunts and events, pasted all the information in the new page, and guess what?  Word Press is smarter than me—so no updated hunt page at this time.  But… I did put all the upcoming Hunts & Events information for you below:

 The Hunt everyone is talking about:

Pound the Ground is the event everyone is talking about which is coming up October 5th & 6th. It’s going to be held in Chazy, NY, close to the Canadian border, and I have a feeling its going to be a memorable event.

I’ll be there representing with American Digger Magazine, and am looking forward to seeing your finds. So don’t be shy, come say hello and pose for a pic with your treasure. You never know, you or your find might be included in an upcoming issue.



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Please check the websites or call ahead to double check times, date’s, locations, admission fees, membership requirements, etc…


August 10th, 2019
Opelika Alabama Artifact Show
Opelika, AL
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events

October 5th, 2019
46th Annual Deep South Treasure Hunt—Members Only
Cullman, AL
Info: www.wbtha.com


August 21st, 2019
Minelab Week Alaska
Nome, Alaska
Info: https://minelab.com/USA/go-minelabbing/events?eventID=355471


October 3rd, 2019
Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association’s
2019 Diggers Dirt Party
LDMA Claim
Stanton, AZ
Info: 800-551-9707

November 2nd, 2019
Lost Dutchman Mining Association’s
2019 Swing Dancing Detector Hunt
Stanton Camp
Stanton, AZ
Info: 800-551-9707


September 6th, 2019
11th Annual Treasures in the Sand Open Hunt
Penticton, BC
Info: www.othc.info


August 31st, 2019
California State & US National Gold Panning Championships
Forest Hill, CA
Info: goldhounds.com

September 10th, 2019
Lost Dutchman Mining Association’s
2019 Diggers Dirt Party
5 day event
LDMA Italian Bar Camp
Columbia, CA
Info: 951-375-3320

September 24th, 2019
Lost Dutchman Mining Association’s
2019 Diggers Dirt Party
5 day event
LDMS Scott Bar Camp
Scott Bar, CA
Info: 800-551-9707


August 24th, 2019
3rd Annual West Central Florida Artifact Show
Holiday, FL
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


September 28th, 2019
Lee County Georgia Artifact Show
Leesburg, GA
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


September 8th, 2019
Keosauqua Artifact Show
Hawkeye State Archaeological Society
Roberts Memorial Building
20497 Highway 1N
Keosauqua, IA. 52565
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


September 14th & 15th, 2019
Moonshine Open Treasure Hunt
Berea, KY
Info: terrycauseyfrg@yahoo.com


October 5th, 2019
Maryland Artifact Recovery Society
Silver Frenzy V Open Hunt
Annapolis, MD
Info: www.marsdetecting.com


August 10th & 11th, 2019
North South Skirmish Association
34th VA Calvary Skirmish
Reading, MA
Info: https://www.n-ssa.org

October 20th, 2019
Massachusetts Treasure Hunting Association
Fall Silver Open Hunt
Milton, MA
Info: https://www.masstreasure.com


August 17th, 2019
Batesville Mississippi Artifact Show
Batesville, Mississippi
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events

October 19th, 2019
Corinth Mississippi Artifact Show
Corinth, Mississippi
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


September 15th, 2019
Mo-Kan Search & Recovery Club
44th Annual Treasure Hunt
Lathrop, Missouri
Info: https://www.mokansrkc.com


August 17th, 2019
15th Annual Nebraska Artifact Show
Seward, Nebraska
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


Nashua Coin Show
Shows scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of Every Month (except April)
Holiday Inn
9 Northeastern Boulevard
Nashua, NH
Free Admission

April 21st-26, 2020
27th Annual Best O’ the Northeast (BONE) Hunt
Marlborough, NH
Info: https://www.streeter.org


November 16th, 2019
Deep Search Metal Detecting Club
28th Annual Open Beach Hunt
Long Branch, NJ
Info: http://www.dsmdc.org


September 14th, 2019
Empire State Metal Detector Association
49th Annual Club Hunt & Picnic
Berne, NY
Info: www.esmda.org

September 28th, 2019
Atlantic Treasure Club
45th Annual Hunt
Jones Beach, Field 6
Info: www.atlantictreasureclub.com


October 15th, 2019
Lost Dutchman Mining Association’s
2019 Diggers Dirt Party-5 day event
Vein Mountain
Nebo, NC
Info: 828-652-0144


August 17th & 18th, 2019
40th Annual Buckeye Hunt
New Concord, OH
Info: Don Hayes 740-252-1322

September 20th-22nd, 2019
4th Kentucky Cavalry Skirmish
Centerburg, OH
Info: www.n-ssa.org


August 10th & 11th, 2019
Black Diamond Treasure Hunters Club
36th Annual Black Diamond Treasure Hunt
Duryea, PA
Info: http://www.bdthc.org/events/2019ClubHuntPicnicApp.pdf

August 17th & 18th, 2019
Roasting Ears of Corn Festival
39th Annual Pow Wow
Allentown, PA
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events

October 27th, 2019
Berkshire County Indian Artifact Show
Leesport, PA
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events


October 9th, 2019
Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association’s
2019 Diggers Dirt Party-5 day event
Oconee Camp
Tamassee, SC
Info: 800-551-9707

October 12th, 2019
Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association’s
2019 Swing Dancing Detector Hunts: Kids to Pro’s
Tamassee, SC
Info: 800-551-9707


September 6-7th, 2019
Jackson Tennessee Artifact Show
Jackson, TN
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events

December 7th & 8th, 2019
Middle Tennessee Civil War Show
Franklin, TN
Info: https://10times.com/middle-Tennessee-civil-war-show

October 26th, 2019
Knoxville Detectorists Recovery Team
1st Annual Open Sport of Metal Detecting Rally
Louisville, TN
Info: www.knoxdrt.com


October 5th, 2019
Cowtown Treasure Hunting Club
35th Annual Hunt & Picnic
YMCA Camp Carter
6200 Sand Springs Road
Fort Worth, TX
Info: Garren King (817) 992-7891

October 26th, 2019
Hill Country Indian Artifact Shows
Fredricksburg Texas Artifact Show
Fredricksburg, TX
Info: https://www.arrowheads.com/index.php/artifact-events

October 26th, 2019
Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club
45th Annual Open Hunt
Irving, TX
Info: www.lonestartreasure.com

November 9th, 2019
Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs
Veterans Day Open Hunt
Round Rock, TX
Info: www.tamdc.org


November 16th & 17th, 2019
Capital of the Confederacy Civil War Show
Richmond, VA
Info: www.mkshows.com


August 23rd, 2019
2019 NW Miners Rally
3 day event
Liberty, WA
Info: www.resoucescoalition.org

September 28th, 2019
Olympic Peninsula Treasure Hunters
By the Light of the Silvery Moon Hunt
Kitsap Fairgrounds, WA
Info: https://sites.google.com/site/olympicpeninsulatreasurehunter/

Happy Hunting!

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