Are you aware of the metal detecting site  I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with it, as it’s been around for some time, but for those of you who aren’t, let me share a bit about what this site has to offer.

Treasure Classifieds is a place where you can buy, sell & trade used metal detector’s, detecting gear and equipment.  They boast over 9,000 registered members, and there are no listing fees—yup, that’s right, no fees—the listings to buy and sell are FREE!

It’s a great concept.  How many of us have old pinpointer’s, coils, digging tools or machines that although used, are perfectly good items?  Maybe you like to buy the newest products when they come out on the market; so what are you going to do with that used but functional pinpointer or machine that’s collecting dust while you’re out in the field hunting for more treasure?  Well, if you post them on, someone else could be using those items to find treasure themselves.  Or, if you’re looking to try out a particular machine or piece of equipment, and you can’t afford new—not many of us can in this economy—then Treasure Classifieds would be your go to place, to buy, sell or trade everything metal detecting.

The site is not limited to just the US either.  I found listings in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada and Australia.  So if you live in any of those areas it might pay to have a look.

They also have a great detecting forum with general discussion, show & tell, contests, videos, etc…  And if you subscribe and participate in these forums, they have a new program where you earn coins for your participation (i.e. posting new threads, visiting the site, replying to posts, referring new members), and more.  These coins can be redeemed for merchandise at their online store or donated.  You can even trade or donate coins to other members.

I checked out the online store, and the redemption starts at 1250 coins, which, if you like to participate in forums, 1250 coins would not be too difficult to acquire.  I’m told they will also be adding more items to their store.

Right now, they are having a contest to win a Minelab Pro-find pinpointer & a silver and gold testing kit.  The contest is based on the NY Lottery Win 4 numbers from the evening drawing on September 30, 2015. So if you want to enter click on the photo below, and be sure to read the contest rules:

treasure classifieds

Whether you decide to participate is up to you, but be sure to check it out.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

4 thoughts on “Spotlight:

  1. We appreciate the kind write~up 🙂

    If anyone has any questions about our site, feel free to post them, and we’ll answer.

    You do great work for our hobby, Allyson, keep it up!

  2. As usual Allyson good job. I love that site, a LOT of good info on there and people are nice . My only problem is I do not have enough time to spend on it this time of year, between work- detecting – and life there is just so much time. Good article well done .

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